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Koh Tao Apartment / cozy room for your stay



    make yourself at vacation home!

Standard Room

Standard Room 2,500 THB / day
1 Bed room with big terrace and kitchen 12,000 THB / week
(full furnitures) 25,000 THB / month

Per night: include Electricity and water.
Week&Month: Electricity and water are not include, pay when you check out.

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Special 2Bedroom

Short stay plan (start from 3nights)
  2people 2,500 THB / night
  3people 3,000 THB / night
  4people 3,600 THB / night
  Per night: include Electricity and water.
weekly stay plan
  7nights 8days 12,000 THB / week
  pay water & electricity in check out time
Long stay discount 30%OFF & FREE 3-4nights
  45nights 46days 50,400 THB / 6weeks
  60nights 61days 67,200 THB / 8weeks
  pay water & electricity in check out time
==High Season Price 20%UP===============
  4/1~5/15、12/15~1/15 even 1 day,
high season prices are applied

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For Divers

Most of Koh Tao Apartment’s custermers to rent out are divers.
Some people stay Long term: 1year, 6month, 3 month. Our price are good for monthly rent.
if you stay at resort, a small bangalow where have only Bed cost 600THB per night.

if you are looking for the small house for monthly, most of them are on the mountain or out of town.
if you like drive rough road, it will be fun. if you will not go out night time and be alone, it is OK there.

We can say confidently that Koh Tao Apartment worth the amount!
Thank you for choicing Koh Tao Apartment for your long stay.
mae haad beach


For family travelers

We really recomend Koh Tao Apartment for family travelers.
Specially Kids. Also couple who like to stay quite.
You can stay like your vacation house.

  • Clean kitchen
  • Quite Safety Area
  • Convinient to go out

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We have 2bed room unit on grandfloor.

when you have any question
you can check FAQ page or just Ask us by email.

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Koh Tao Aoartment room as you stay at your house
  • Water&Electricity

Water 1Unit = 200THB
Electricity1unit = 10THB

When you check out, we will check your own room mater, you can pay how much you use. normally for 1month less than 1000THB.

Koh Tao Aoartment room as you stay at your house
  • Internet

You can use Koh Tao WiFi service at your room.

1 Hrs : 100 THB
1 Day : 300 THB
7 Days : 500 THB
30 Days : 1000 THB

Koh Tao Aoartment room as you stay at your house
  • Moter bike rent

1 Day : 200 THB
1 Week : 1200 THB
1 Month: 4000 THB

when you rent other shop, be aware scratches before use.


2bedroom special unit

Special Offer!!

2 Bed room Special UNIT
Now Big Wooden Terrace waiting you!

special 2bedroom with big wood terrace